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The quest for meaning

Among the major trends that shape our consumption today, the search for a personal experience rich in emotions, is a very strong expectation. This trend is reflected particularly in the travel industry, with regard to the possibilities that new technologies offer today and the arriving of new digitalized services; and in the same time, there is a deep desire to give sense to the welcome and the tourist experience within the destinations. This duality is at the heart of the paradoxes of our modern world. Tourists are more and more numerous and they have become experienced, demanding and zappers. They are increasingly seeking for authenticity, human warmth in a hyper-connected life, and they want to give meaning to their consumption by discovering in this way their deepest identity and interior freedom.

Authenticity is the true luxury

The authentic welcome is the foundation of all true human relationships. When welcoming our senses and listening to our bodies, this allows us to open us up to ourselves, the others and the outside world. And this is a luxury, a supreme luxury in our modern societies. This enable us to find whatsoever is good and beautiful and true and to access to the richness of the environment, people and art. The client is looking for this authenticity by visiting the destinations, whether in welcoming and hospitality, gastronomy, landscapes, fauna, art & crafts, local traditions, human interaction or even architecture. Authentic luxury is therefore the creation of this different and differentiating experience, far from the standards setting that is found all over the world.

Simplicity is the key to experience authenticity in any time and any place
Simplicy is the key for an authentic experience

“Total simplicity, authenticity are rising trends: because on the one hand, it gives a feel-good in ethics, citizenship and responsibility that are the concern of “rich” countries. On the other hand, the “virtual” and “ready to eat” has deprived people from true emotion. Yes indeed, by trying to standardize our ways of living (eating, traveling, having fun, dressing and owning), we deprived ourselves of pure, simple emotions, and above all of the real feeling of freedom and peace.” Jean-Luc Frusetta

Taste the authentic luxury

  • Through the Blog, which presents a Portrait every month of a passionate professional, met during my travels. Talented craftsmen and artists, but also exceptional experts. They work daily through their ideas, their convictions and their vision of authenticity to revive, advance and update the authentic luxury in their trade, their region and in the world. And seeking this authenticity in themselves, they bring a priceless source of richness with their knowledge, know-how and life skills.
  • And by traveling differently, where every destination is an invitation to enjoy an outstanding experience, discovering the flavors, the ultimate quality, the artisanal work with passion and the authentic human interactions. Each traveler can taste the best of a place, a site, a destination with a simple and creative joy, and build their experience in a unique and deeply personal way. In the end, it is experiencing every single moment, even in its place of life, in a special way, by welcoming all the treasures as in an inner journey.
The travel that makes the difference
Authentic luxury creates a different travel with unique and memorable experiences

Reveal your creativity to the world!

Authenticity has its roots in our identity, at the crossroads of our history, our culture and our environment. But it needs to be protected, defended and constantly updated, mobilizing our originality, our audacity and our will. A significant challenge lies ahead of us: to become witnesses, then actors of this change and awaken our fruitfulness, genius and talents with a creative tourism. I wish you all a different journey, and to discover and wonder at this treasure that radiates from the inside, when quite a lot that glitters is still not luxury.