An enlightening mission

Here is my self-portrait – not easy for me because I much prefer to write the portrait of others. To get some personal touches.

Aptitudes since early childhood

Creativity, overflowing imagination and empathy. I felt the emotions and needs of the others and I had a powerful urge to make them happy. This constant concern motivated me to create, often from a blank page, wonderful moments for my family and friends. Beautiful stories for example, or free games; I was on the front line to decorate the school class, the party cakes and to create puppet shows or shootings for my little cousins ​​who I dressed like princesses. One summer, I even organized Olympics games with just a few pieces of paper!

French, with Armenian origins, I was born in Lebanon and I experienced the civil war during my childhood. However, this joy of living has always remained with me, with a great sense of beauty, and the need to express my sensitivity with the 5 senses and more with intuition as “sixth” sense. I was drawn to artistic and creative disciplines: the piano, drawing, painting, embroidery, fashion design, dance … but my parents only encouraged scientific subjects to go to France, so I couldn’t spend my career in one of these disciplines.

The story does have a happy ending, because today I can experiment all of them and more, through the exceptional creators I meet. I visit them in their workshop and create their portraits with beautiful stories that arouse emotions, and using my favorite materials: words and visual arts. These creators, whom I call the treasures of authentic luxury, I choose them myself because I admire what they do and what they are. They are all driven by the love of authenticity and the search for truth, and they lead their lives and their jobs with simplicity, excellence and humility that leaves first place to human relationships, nature and creativity. That’s why their testimony provides supportive, transformational experiences and valuable insights for those seeking inner change and a life of purpose and meaning.

Where my life has led me

I kept from my childhood the thirst for discovering, learning and questioning the world, endlessly. And most of all, the need for meditation and connection with nature whether in the breathtaking landscapes of sea and mountains, or in natural beauty, sometimes literally at our doorsteps where I could contemplate the miracle of the ordinary things. From the age of 7, I had a camera to collect the moments and emotions; and I managed to exercise this photographic eye during my travels, to sublimate each moment going as close as possible to the local populations or in immersion in nature – hiking or diving, all over the planet.

It is therefore my joy today to enhance, highlight and continue to explore the beauty of the world by creating custom contents and authentic experiences for customers. Because when we pay attention to the miracle of life, it produces wonder, gratitude and peace to share it with others and all the creation.

First of the class in French literature and with a scientific baccalaureate in my back pocket, I came to France in 1987, where I was being admitted to the Preparatory class at Lycée Saint Louis in Paris. I really liked quantum physics but while drawing stylish dresses during school. How do I find my own career? Marketing reached out to me with ENSAE School, and finally it allowed me to turn to people and to creation. My true call is to overpass the customers’ attempts by constructing the best offers that bring purpose to the brand and embody its promises. I will deepen this path with a Masters in Marketing from Paris Dauphine University in 1994, and my whole career will be oriented towards the design of loyalty programs, offers and pioneering services for customers of large groups in travel, distribution and luxury hotels, in France and in Europe. Here you will find more details on my background and my references.

Creator of authentic contents and experiences

From Marketing, I slipped a decade ago towards creating value with heritage and destinations and promoting skills and trades in mobility business. I would lead customer-centric projects, creating contents and offerings that enhance the travelers’ journey, bringing great warmth and hospitality. My task in life is now to create a travel with purpose and bring nature, genuine human relationships and local richness to hosts and visitors. Because to change our world for a better one, we also need a radical shift in consciousness, and learn to enhance quality of life and human values. And there, I could bring freedom to make an inner journey, which is, undoubtedly, the ultimate travel of our life.

In 2014, as I was faced with sweeping changes in an era of disruption with the urge to reinvent a new consumption, I decided to go and train with an international Masters in Hospitality Management and Destination Marketing. I wanted to update my skills with the new trends that affect our way of life and the powerful global forces that are changing how we live and work. Will digital practices replace human interactions? Who are the new consumers and what are their real needs? How can we respond to it, including its paradoxes, in an increasingly digital world where people seek for meaning? Is there a future for genuine human connections, including with Creation and the others? To answer to these questions, I would undertake a worldwide research on new welcome practices in luxury hotels and find out what truly creates the wow effect and delights customers. This thesis opened my eyes to authentic luxury, a concept and a brand that expresses uniqueness and truth with a return to essential values ​​of respect and love in our connections with nature, creativity and human relationships. Technology is just a means not an end, to leave more room for true luxury to which every customer aspires today.

I wanted to share this simple, flexible, collaborative, creative and efficient approach. Therefore, I launched in 2017 a blog with renowned French and European craftsmen: Master-chocolatier, ceramist, jeweler, landscape designer, perfumer, textile designer, starred chefs… All these passionate creators trusted me and I wrote their portraits to give a new and enlightening vision of life, full of poetry. Listening to them and telling their story became a great shared experience where words would recognize emotions, bring them together and put conscious into their creative life all inspired by the beauty and symphony of the world. Real luxury is indeed in excellence, hyper-personalized attention for each client, and the quest for simplicity with a permanent link with nature, creativity and true human relationships.

My mission is now to explore, connect, inspire, train and develop everything that allows to enhance, develop and create this authentic experience, in order to restore meaning and purpose to our consumption and exceed customers’ needs. In all companies and institutions that welcome customers: travel, hotels and resorts, tourism organisations, sites in destinations, I am very keen to pass on this vision of the world and give the keys for those who want to shape it in their businesses.

I also build for the customers the memorable experience by connecting desires, ideas and people to create the authentic luxury,  with a return to the essential values and the beauty of a destination, that is revealed in connection with nature, with local richness and with ourselves.