Authenticity according to Aïdée and Florian Sirven, in the intimacy of a great suit

Aïdée et Florian Sirven

“ We approach authenticity by the quest for perfection. It’s our dream to make the perfect jacket, flawless at all, successful at the first try in fitting, and so to be able to take the measures of the customer, do the patronage, cut the jacket; then try it and say: there is nothing else to do! So, we can fade behind our creation, and the garment will belong entirely to the customer as if it has always been made for him, for his body and according to his desires. That’s why, in our work, we try to have the least impact on the fabric. The dream is that he comes to take the desired form without any intervention of our hands.

Our pride is when the garment comes to magnify the one who is wearing it, and it makes him feel more likeable and stronger. There is such a respect regarding this authentic process of creation when the suit has a history and a soul, being fashionned with the gestures and ancestral techniques of all the French tailors heritage and know-how. Each piece that comes out of here must be the most beautiful and the most perfect possible, and it’s really a unique process of creation, something that we create with all our heart and with all our passion. Our youth mixed to our career allows us to offer a modern style with the quality and excellence of the tailors of the 1950’s. Perfect finishing and fitted clothes all assembled by hand, with whimsical touches and perfection in details. The collar, for example, is very marked, which really shows the outstanding workmanship and the creative hand of a tailor. The jackets are just close to the body, which comes out of classicism, and at the same time, as we were trained at this school, we can adapt to all needs or dare new forms and styles.

Today we notice a return to the human relationship that we can find between the customer and his tailor. We are in intimacy of hand-made tailoring ; the highest point of customization since we start each time from the need of the customer, his desires and we build a bespoke suit. An emotional and personal relationship will be created and often we will keep his tailor a lifetime. In the 1980s, we preferred ready-to-wear, so our trades became scarce and new tailors were not trained. But there is a return to this authenticity in the trade but also in families. The novels of the 19th century present the father who is taking his son to the tailor because there was a real transmission of the art of dressing. Today, there is a return to these values ​​and a way to consume more sustainable, more respectful and more personalized.

With a made-to-measure tailoring, the garment will have the perfect dimensions, created in a single copy for a single client. Our specificity is to take any model of clothing in 3D, and to be able to think it in two dimensions with a field of creation almost infinite, because one can introduce all the possible variants in the style, the forms and the tissues according to the desire of the client and his morphology. Then they will be made with patience and meticulousness to last a lifetime. Our job is to magnify a person by his clothes and the idiom that “clothes make the man” is valid. A beautiful suit gives a fascinating physical appearance and changes the eyes of others. The person wearing it will also have a natural elegance and self-confidence that changes his attitude. The objective is to be ourselves wearing jeans as well as hand-stitched jackets, depending on life opportunities.

The secret for happiness is overpassing our protective schemes; everything that prevents us from being ourselves and being free. Knowing that we hold in us the keys to happiness make us appreciate everything with detachment. This liberation will finally allow us access to true luxury and this, independently of the circumstances which will also align with the inner change. That’s why self-confidence is paramount. It allows you to move forward and live your life as it is: a sum of encounters and opportunities of every moment that can be captured if you make yourself available to change. Humility allows it and it is the basis of our profession. Francesco Smalto always said that a tailor-made costume is alive and requires the same respect as in a relationship. Each employee will bring his contribution by his touch, his hand, his way of doing things but in the end, the costume is beyond us and it will live in the body of the person who will have it as in a breath. ”


Interview held by Carine Mouradian on September 27, 2017, in Paris

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