Authenticity according to Ara Malikian, an inner path


“It’s music that gave me access to the inner world. It brings me deep within myself and allows me to feel what exceeds my comprehension as a human being. Whether in inspired moments of music composition or interpretation, it is actually a path to oneself, which is source of joy and ecstasy. Authenticity is therefore a personal journey and each of us have a specific way to reach this land. For some, it’s meditation or sport; forothers, dancing or cooking. For me, it’s when I’m on stage and I play music in front of an audience. It’s my way of meditating and so, I try to convey all that energy, peace and happiness that I have to be there. It’s like the vibration of a violin that extends to the audience and the musicians, and we all vibrate together as a bloc. These are intense moments where there are no more barriers, apart from being there together. That’s why I do this job and share music that has the power to make us happy and touch us deeply.

I really like classical music and I keep playing it, but at some point, I needed to find my true individuality. However, this quest for authenticity comes at a price. That’s why, I think learning discipline and the great works of the past is not enough in all forms of art. What is crucial is to go beyond them at some point, so that everyone can express its personal resonance. That’s why, we have to learn more about what makes us different, and how to come to it in order to find out our vocation. My whole life is a process towards this freedom of creation that I acquire more and more every day, to play a music that is a very faithful reflection of me, and that I can share with the audience in my concerts.

To be true, you must always keep your feet on the ground, and stay open and humble. The uncontrolled ego can ruin the career of an artist! This look should not be turned in on ourselves or on our performance because everything can stop suddenly and the fall become as brutal as the rise. An artist has to be prepared physically and mentally, and never stops working. Musical vibrations manage to control the mind and help us reconnect and re-experience certain emotions until they escape to leave more room for great peace. That’s why, music is my therapy and it must be played without arrogance, because this type of music can reach the whole world. I also use humor and take a positive view in all circumstances, because creation in fact is a way of giving meaning and beauty to everyday life. I do not control where the inspiration comes from and many musicians, places and styles can inspire me. This is my musical concept and I need these exchanges to discover new things and keep moving forward to do otherwise.

Yes, when I have some time for myself, to relax, to spend time with my family and with those I love… it’s a real luxury! These are simple moments, like visiting a place that I do not know or discover something new. In all my travels, what matters most is the people I meet. And wherever I am in the world, I feel at home when there is welcoming, openness and mutual respect. Human relationships are genuine richness if they are lived by accepting our differences and diversity. There are many artists who are committed to changing the world and ending conflicts of all kinds. I am convinced that art and culture can finally bring us together and live in peace.

For my part, my vocation, my reason to live, is to transmit the true happiness that I feel when I am on stage, playing music for and with the public. I found real fulfilment with the violin, and what I wanted to do in life. I am eternally grateful for that!”

Interview held by Carine Mouradian on November 14, 2018

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