Authenticity according to Bernard Blaizeau, the dressmaker who grows up the art of flou

Bernard Blaizeau

“ We are authentic when we live what we do, when we talk about something we know, and we live it simply day by day. It’s not about showing off, about impressing others, but about respecting people in front of you; the people we work for, the people we work with and the people we have to give a service to and listen to them in their least wishes. The questions that we ask every day are the very ones that have been the basis of commerce since the dawn of time: What good can I do to you? What would you like? Just by making you a nice dress, can I help you to be happier? And it’s a real sharing that we live each time. There is a lot of work to make a dress but the reward is there: when the client leaves happy because it helped him to realize one of his dreams. This generosity is not feigned. It is authentic and gives all its value to our profession. What we are looking for in the end is also to reveal through a garment, the deep nature of each person. We want the customer to feel herself in her dress and through this garment, be able to say to her relatives and friends: Look! That’s what I really am!

For this, we must put excellence and know-how at the service of others, putting life in this sharing, to get out of the purely commercial and impersonal relationship. Because it is meeting people that gives taste to life. These moments of sharing, of complicity in all the stages of making a dress, as during fitting or when customers come to take their tea and entrust us with their problems. It is not futile to dress for a wedding and we pay great attention to it in every detail. We then enter their lives and their daily schedule, and most importantly, we bring them something that makes them feel good. A special moment, full of sweetness, in a life that can sometimes be hectic. That’s why our living rooms are on the first floor, as if we wanted to get away from this tumult, and find calm and serenity. All this allows us to develop benevolence in our relationships with others. We would like to constantly learn from our customers and make them learn from us, to walk along together with the establishment of real human relationships. There is also something timeless when you come to Lou Kasatché. We talk about beautiful things that are no longer sold, rare and unique pieces, far from the current consumer society. Moreover, we give our customers a true fashion culture to change the way they consume by buying less and better quality for example.

I think this notion of sharing is becoming more and more important nowadays, especially for the new generations. In our time, our parents’ ambition for us was to succeed in life. For our children, this ambition is to succeed in their life. And that’s not the same thing at all. They come back to more controlled and reasoned values. They also prefer this way of living in community, because one is happier and more intelligent with the others than alone. Yes, happiness is something that is shared. Hence the importance to us of the generosity which is, in my opinion, the true luxury. It’s all those moments of sharing where we can feel good. We call other workshops for example to exchange advices on a technique; or we attend the fashion shows and we see one of our dresses opening or closing the ceremony. What a great moment of emotion! especially in this business, where you spend six months developing a collection and you have only 16 minutes to present it.

I also usually say that luxury is feminine. It you study history, the times that luxury is prosperous are moments with women’s liberation, which means that women are always at the origin of luxury’s development. That’s why I would like to call this word luxury in French to be conjugated in the feminine because it has the same rhythm, methodology, roundness and maternal generosity that women have. Finally, welcoming each other is also essential and creating an ecosystem in which we could happily cohabitates. Because we earn our livelihood and we should joy and meaning to live, rather than lose one’s life coming to work. It gives us confidence and we move forward day by day, to become even better tomorrow. Yes, happiness is found in the simple pleasures of everyday life: a nice pleated garment, a custom-made dress or a hemline that fits well.

Augusto Verducci, a master Calabrian tailor that I had as a master, always told me to pay attention to pebbles, because “it is by raising them that the seed sees the light and can grow to become a beautiful plant”. Finally, there is only one step between landscape art and the art of flou, and my mission is always gardening there in the field of possibilities.”

Interview held by Carine Mouradian on February 15, 2018, in Limoges

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