Authenticity according to David Lucas, the top hairdresser passionate about women

David Lucas

“ I always liked the natural. It comes from my childhood and the role of my mother, seamstress and cook, was decisive. In Arcachon, a city without embellishments, I grew up in love and with an education that values ​​the human and the contact with nature. Water, but especially the plant that has awakened in me creativity, which I can not do without a single day of my life. I have always been surrounded by women, and this contact has opened my mind. I understood that a woman’s beauty stems from the thousand facets of femininity where the look meets the gesture, the beauty of the body, the sensuality, and working for them gives meaning to my action. Naturalness is finally in my favorite subject: the hair. I remain fascinated for their life force, and all the protection and care we owe them to make them beautiful and bright, and I want, at my level, to advance the trends in this direction. Responsible coloring, healthy products and the best plants to reflect, shine the hair and bring strength and shine. In reality, it’s complicated to be natural. There is a measure of things to have all the time, a restraint, find the little touch that can raise the whole. It’s never in the overbid.

What allows me to keep my feet on the ground is the contact with my clients and working with my hands: it is a visceral need for me. I try, at my level, to be a good actor. In a hair salon, we are in a cocoon where we will spend our life to purify: too much degraded, too sweeping, too many colors … We want to educate customers about everything that damages their hair and especially the chemical staining that destroys melanin and damages the hair fiber, in addition to the existence of allergens and other molecules with a complicated name. We can therefore question its safety in hair dyes. The big brands have finally realized that there is urgency and they are investing to combine efficiency and naturalness, in a new generation of botanical dyes. What is lived in haute-coiffure is this expertise and the real chic is to be a hairdresser who cuts with his style and can at the same time meet this specialty apart. It is therefore essential to separate the jobs of colorist and cutter, in order to excel in both disciplines.

What is fundamental is to communicate well with the client. This listening makes it possible to detect her real need, her desires of the moment, her universe to her; and even, to see if his decision is thoughtful because a cut or a color is always an important moment in their life. A cut will bring a look, a style, a self-image more assertive and more confident. It is a transformation of image, silhouette and state of mind that takes place internally and even if we do not see it directly, there will always be a change of vision that will be realized in the days that follow . Also, the most successful hairdressers are those who know how to highlight the personality of their clients so that they are more in tune with themselves, with what they live or want to be, according to their lived and even seasons or their moods.

Appearance is an important criterion in my profession and we really have two kinds of clients. Those who assume their identity and who are at peace with themselves and the image they refer to others. And those who are still dependent on approval and external consideration, and who need to be constantly sublimated. We owe it to ourselves, to help them to find themselves, that authentic and true part that they mask in their appearance. That’s why I like the natural hairstyle, the one that reveals at least the identity of the moment. One of the ways to do this is to always question the needs and if they are too ambitious, respect the client’s request but setting milestones to achieve them in stages. For example, we will measure the shades of the color to preserve the hair and the impact of different techniques, or cut in stages, if the desire dates from this morning. The more we warn customers, the better, and that’s the key to success.

Finally, the hairstyle is an ephemeral art: a gust of wind, a rustle, which makes us humble and helps us to appreciate the present moment. That’s why I’m also taking pictures to freeze my own models and collections. In the end, I’m a hairdresser in the living room, and I have this incredible opportunity to practice a profession made of pleasure and direct recognition, that can be shared with customers and all of his team. The real luxury for me is this daily in this room, with all this space, this beautiful light and soothing smells, being surrounded by beautiful people who have a natural kindness. Of course, it is also the time and quality of human relations with special moments between friends, or when I go back to see my mother to enjoy one of her tasty dishes. It’s so rare! True luxury in the end is to live simply and discreetly, bringing the best of oneself and evolving constantly to give and take pleasure in beautifying the world. ”


Interview held by Carine Mouradian on March 14, 2018, in Paris

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