Authenticity according to Jean Mus, the Mediterranean landscape designer

“ Real life begins when you get rid of words to find their importance. With one word, one can make love or make war. But if we understand the meaning of words, then they are all respectable. We can share and communicate with a mixture of words, sounds, looks and smiles. And this is where we are the happiest, because meeting the others is the most beautiful thing in the world. We open eyes and ears, clear the nose, prepare our mouth to taste the offering of the other, place our hand on one’s shoulder and understand that there are energies and connections that we all meet at the deeper level of our common humanity.

Nature, brings an incredible model of crossbreeding and it helped me so much to realize and continue the history of the gardens… in short, the history of paradise. Yes, the garden is paradise. And we are at the service of paradise. We are servants and accompanying persons who, with great humility, try to bring joy and happiness, then fantasy and even exaggeration. And we always have in mind the source of life that makes the garden breath like us. Besides, if we keep the richness of the past – we can call it culture, origins, memory or heritage, but the fairest word would be eternity, then we realize that we are all at the service of eternity. Knowing this, we find out patience and we are no more afraid of death since another small seed will come and continue the exceptional circle of life. Our role is therefore to give thanks and enjoy every moment of life with the natural elements that constitute life. We just have to map out the contours of life. It may be a garden with water, a garden with perfumes, a mountain garden or a garden on the plain, then a garden that will belong to regions, identities or history, textures or materials. The field of creativity is infinite! But it is important to preserve identities and rediscover the color of origins. Authenticity is not a creation; It has always existed. It is to rediscover it, to respect it, to stage it, which will allow everyone to tell his story and to exist in the global symphony. Authenticity is therefore contrary to uniformity. One must give place to each specificity to find the overview. If not, we miss the truth.

I find it so moving this notion of gift when experienced with fruits harvesting. They are brought to the house in wicker baskets, and there is a notion of offering because we remember the whole months in which we have cut, watered and focused our attention on the tree, which comes to offer us something enjoyable. That is why in my conferences, I always thank my most faithful and old friend : the tree ! This bursts of recognition must also lead us to excellence. For the best gift is man’s effort when accompanying the plant to give the best of itself, what it has received by its genes. And we need these kind of gardeners who know the plants, how they are born, how they live and what they need and who share their emotions ! And we have lost this authenticity in a profession that is overloaded with tools, machines and helmets. How can the garden grow in good conditions? It must have been well born and accompanied by his parents. And these parents are the real gardeners.

A garden needs visitors and admirers. If you know how to look at it, you have the impression that flowering flourishes more because of its court, and this communion is a daily and seasonal act. It is a show concept and it has no limits! But you also need actors, through the gardener or even the simple visitor, who will avoid breaking a branch, trampling the land when it is wet, and who will know how to caress or bring a rose or a flower of lilac up to his nose to smell it … This is where one becomes an actor and nature awaits this. There will be a communion and more and more scientists are demonstrating that a garden doesn’t like being alone. A garden needs company, not only with the owner, but also with the gardener and visitors. The actors are also birds and bees. All this abundance of life which makes us enter the spirit of true gardener in the deep nature and the heart of the garden. If we have this humility, we will then discover the interior of natural life and see the miracle fulfilled before our eyes.

In conclusion, we gardeners, we are somehow merchants of happiness. And if happiness passes through that infinity which is nature, what a beautiful gift we have in our hands! To offer all that natural which is given to see and that invites to the sharing and the communion over and over. Then solitude is experienced as a richness because one realizes that nature is always there. Then, this is stronger than authenticity. It is the reality, with extraordinarily simple arguments. Just open the eyes! ”

Interview held by Carine Mouradian on July 23, 2017, at Cabris (Provence Côte d’Azur)

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