Authenticity according to Jean-Philippe Richard, for a femininity between earth and sky

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“ What touches me is this genuine desire my clients have for my sculptures. They are very sensitive to the fact of acquiring a unique work and often, after 10 years or even more, they come to see me for that. They are mostly couples in love, seeking for beauty, and are marked durably by the elegance of these silhouettes and the finesse of their expressions. This gives me a precise role because by my art, I become creator of works that will closely blend attitudes and emotions, and link them to the memory of a place. I also inherit the duty of finding places where to expose them to contemplation, and put humanity where the atmosphere is still cold and rigid. I am like a father who marries his “daughters”, looking for the ideal garden or to know the future owner. And I always say that they need to be taken care of, otherwise they will issue signals of distress in my direction. It is so important this exchange, like coming to discover them in the workshop … it is a mystery that is unveiled!

For me, the feminine side is easier to represent because I myself have a romantic side, and I think that all human beings are romantic, at least at the beginning of their love life. I am proud of my sculptures which have this modern side, with a line that recognizes itself from the start. Visitors, even if they do not know my name, recognize them! So, I think I did well to stay in my line, without trying to find something more attractive, more fashionable, more contemporary forms for example. I did what my heart told me to do and in this I have always been genuine without trying to look like someone else. I also do it for myself, in the sense that I try to find a form and an expression that I really like, and which, from an aesthetic point of view, suit me very well. Then there is the verdict of the public and it is the one I prefer. For we have the real answer, not that of a professional who wants to sell, but of the public who wants to buy in truth, for himself. The words he gives you are right and we know then that the work is authentic. Thanks to this, I realized that what I wanted to express in the matter corresponded to my original intention and was received as such. The interpretation alone differs according to the sensitivity of each one, but in the end, the words are always true. This means that when a piece is finished and I really like it, I know it’s good and has a little universal side. And that’s what gives me the most joy.

In my art, one must be motivated to always create something new by dealing with the same theme and the same subject, and to have different expressions with the same attitude. I try in addition to refine to the maximum without going in the abstract or Brancusi. This method is adapted to the material that I work with and the result touches the essence and purity. Women who take shape are first of all interior before having an appearance. They have a delicate side, very feminine, graceful and at the same time strong and assertive. I also like working with contradictions. I make for example asymmetrical faces with a brow marked by worries, and a smile to the lips, which is of course softened so that it is not too obvious. Because of that, they become messengers of something very personal, and I like to give this freedom of interpretation to the spectator. Finally, we start telling a story by the sculpture itself, but it can be interpreted differently according to the history of each one, and that makes it a work of art.

Constantly, my sculptures represent a reassuring element that one has at home, and I consider that this work is made to be seen since it touches and reassures. I am therefore a creator of emotions. And it is important in our present societies to be back to the dream. We are too much in the stereotype and bonds are placed where there are none. Life is just the opposite! It is absolutely necessary to rediscover the naivety of the beginnings and open ourselves. Everything comes from oneself without calculating anything. And the story starts over again… without an end! ”

Interview held by Carine Mouradian on September 2, 2017, at Mirabel-aux-Baronnies

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