Authenticity according to Lucas Pinton, the weaver of modernity

Lucas Pinton

“ Just a know-how does not make a product’s wealth. There are, for example, such valuable weaving techniques in China, India and Bangladesh. The difference lies in the aesthetics associated with the know-how. We then offer an outstanding quality, along with a product that is beautiful; and that’s when we drive the customer’s interest. This excellence is necessary to be competitive and is only obtained in structured companies, which are oriented towards the training of their employees and the innovation of their products. At the Ateliers Pinton, we are fortunate to be a family-owned business on a human scale, and this creates an authentic relationship at all levels. For example, we know the colleague in charge of a follow-up along the manufacturing chain, without having to go through several intermediaries. The fact that we have local manufacturing is also an asset. Everything is produced in France and therefore, if we are called in the morning, we would respond immediately to the request, without having the deadline of 24 hours to be respected if we worked on another continent. With this short and direct cycle, we can establish a closer relationship with our customers, partners and suppliers, and that’s what creates authenticity.

Moreover, a natural link comes between the customer and the brand. When our potential customers come to visit the factory, they all leave with a product that identifies them somewhat with our history. That of our house and that of the regional heritage around this know-how. We present them concretely all the techniques of manufacture, so that they can appropriate the product they wish to carry. Identity is therefore the most essential added value. It gives sense, even if the customer finally buys for his own reasons: for the history, for the brand, for the quality or for the speculation when it comes to a tapestry. This concern for customization is at the heart of our business. 90% of our offer is made-to-measure, and we have expanded our price range (which ranges from 30 euros to 10,000 euros per m2), so that each customer can access his dream share. Because it is this freedom that is the true luxury. Offer the choice and the opportunity for everyone to express who they are through a product. The customer then becomes co-creator by printing his personal touch. Everything is gathered in our place to have the dream at home. A beautiful carpet or a perfect rug immediately has a luxurious touch. It’s about comfort and beautifying your surroundings will flourish your life. Quality is present at all levels. It is the technical choices, such as colors and materials, that will be different as the price of value increases. It is important for us to ensure this freedom by proposing all sorts of matches for all budgets.

My perception have changed a lot. When I was 20 and I went into this business, I never imagined one day having a tapestry at home. Like everyone else, I had a negative image of this product. That of a decorative element from a now-bygone era, with greenery and a very particular style. It is hard to imagine tapestries as an artistic medium for contemporary artists! And yet, this is the signature of the Ateliers Pinton, including the entire period of great artists that my father and my grandfather attended. And I have always had the conviction that I should develop this growing market, even if it is the carpet that ensure our growth today. The signs are promising: tapestries sold 10-15 years ago, took 5 to 6 times their value, depending on the movements in prices of an artist’s work. So we are fully in the art market, and at the same time, the offering is more accessible than the paintings of great painters. I place great hopes on this and it is a great pride at each loom state, to discover an artist or to ensure one of his works on this specific support.

Humility is essential in our profession, because we consider ourselves only as craftsmen. It is true that we seek an outstanding quality in our products; and that is why we continuously train our craftsmen. But we just want to master our know-how. Our real strategy is to work with artists, and therefore to have this teamwork humility. We are then artist publishers and we collaborate with them, buy they are the ones who help us to create works of art. We are not designers or creators, we are just here to perform artists’ works. Our mission is to develop this market and make known the modern tapestry, because we have this legitimacy. Then be an actor and do everything possible to develop, innovate and create this human chain around this profession, with its history and know-how that can offer such great achievements. ”


Interview held by Carine Mouradian on December 8, 2017, in Paris

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