Authenticity according to Natacha Pons, in the elegant world of embroideries

Natasha Pons

“ It always starts with something which is related to dreams and even of feeling. Our customers want to get into the world of the fashion designers, through our meetings. A mundane side that brings taste and colors! But then, there is their dream and this is the most important. Create a unique piece that is a very faithful reflection of them, or of facets of their personality, and that will allow them to distinguish themselves from others. In the world of embroidery, the client is not really seeking for brilliance, but always to show its uniqueness and its difference. “Just make sure that you do not forget me, that the result will look like me! Sometimes they have no idea or particular colors or textures they would like, but together we can build everything starting from a desire or a dream. For a loving family woman for example, which is so much the case for our customers in the Gulf countries, we can ask to bring us drawings of her children that we will retranslate in a certain way on her outfits. For us, it’s very exciting because we’re in the field of intimacy, and it’s so much better than embroidering something that exists on a hanger elsewhere.

All our work is done in an artisanal way and we use the machines only to accelerate tasks that would bring no added value to the work. This is important because embroidering by hand brings a human dimension to our creations. Because the hand is never perfect, just like nature, therefore there is a certain depth that is given. This is not about imperfections, but a kind of order in the movement. When one works for example the fur of an animal in embroidery, the coat is never perfectly aligned. There will be spots like in real life, giving movement to the creations, what machines are not able to do. And we want to be the most authentic and sincere as possible, when traducing reality. Our aesthetic customers are looking indeed for this kind of excellence, not for a label on a luxury item that will be found nowadays everywhere else.

Our creations are very tactile, and there is always this privileged moment when the client asks to touch the piece of art. A collar to place on sweaters with its matching cuffs, bibs, aprons, belts, headdresses and tiaras for the hair. Each time, it’s magic because it’s an invitation to a sensory and emotional trip sensory, as a result of our joint co-creation. Each year, we present a special Beau Voir collection that serves as a prelude to these customized pieces. Each creation will then tell a story, translating the unique sensations of each client. I like when there is identification with the work. It becomes an essential gri-gri object, and we can also create real jewels with textile sculptures, working with goldsmiths and jewelers to embroider metals and precious stones. We also launched a special collection for a Chinese Haute Couture brand recently.

For me, real luxury is the attention of every moment to obtain a truly exceptional creation. This happens when all the purest codes of luxury are taken up again: beautiful materials, an exceptional know-how, the uniqueness of the creation, and we add the ultra-customization. It is also fundamentally the respect of each customer at all the stages: from the design to the manufacture of a piece. Therefore, we will use a high technicality for example, questioning ourselves from a creative and aesthetic point of view. We will also choose only noble materials, respectful of the environment and if possible local supplies. The result is really unique and acts as a mirror of the sensitive person in front of us. With the lives we are currently living, it is true that it may be difficult to be authentic all the time, but we can practice by remembering as often as possible who we are, and what values we want to carry on. It is at this price that we will finally become ourselves! I’ve read somewhere that depression is just a signal that our body emits when we’re out of sync with what we really are. Therefore, authenticity is a goal that we follow respecting a course of action that we have chosen in terms of values. I try to do it on a daily basis and we will take stock in a few years. An aspect of my job that I love, are these true moments where we get to know a client or enter the world of a brand. We feel so much empathy, like a strength that springs forth, in a very natural and simple way.”

Interview held by Carine Mouradian on November 20, 2017, in Paris

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