Authenticity according to Sara Bran, the secrets of real gold


“Authenticity is in Nature, and we stand more firmly on our own ground when we get closer to Creation. The details of nature are everywhere, if we only sharpen our eyes and open our heart. We will see the light and shadow effects on leaves at the foot of a tree, seeds with the shape of a heart on our way, the movement of a butterfly flight or the perfect shell of a sea urchin found on a beach. I like to capture these fragments of life, with shapes and colors that are thought to be insignificant or ordinary, while they reveal an aesthetic apart. I will then reinterpret them by seeking abstraction and pure lines, in order to restore the original beauty and emotion. The source of creativity is therefore in this miracle of life all around us, that each artist transcribes according to his technique and his personal alphabet. Consequently, my art is also drawn as a composition. In music, there is also a theme and variations on the rhythm and movements. My work is sincere and is like a musician who plays his score or who starts improvising with a story to tell. The craftsman believes in doing with all his might what his hand finds to do and the masterpiece arrives as she was an instrument that vibrates in tune. We say “to be in flow” because there is a loss of one’s sense of space and time when performing and we are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement and enjoyment.

I draw jewels from this inspiring poetry. But the secret of gold lacemaking is work and perseverance, because it takes years of practice before the movement of the hand becomes precise and assured. My art work also requires patience in the long run, because it is a delicate creation that requires tenacity and starting over again and again. We must therefore have a taste for detail and a sense of excellence. In fact, this permanent effort is a huge price we pay to achieve each piece. I can spend six months on one project, working in this way, in a very small space. And we have to constantly release the body and mind tension accumulated daily to complete this work. It is in reality the true value of a piece of art? All this time that is dedicated to it. In the end, we really feel a difference: the work is more powerful, more intense, as if the artist’s patience and consciousness were held in the material. This is indeed true luxury!

The accuracy of a work also comes from its equilibrium. And as for a human being, it’s about finding and staying in this balance despite all the ups and downs of life. It also requires a lot of work on oneself and a lasting effort. I cultivate for my part simplicity. To use everything but not abuse anything; it is the first step towards harmony with oneself, with the environment and the others. This sobriety is also the rule in my creations. Certainly, my work is extremely ornate, but a jewel can be highlighted only on a sober background.

Rather than overloading a piece with stones and opulence, the ideal, I believe, is in refinement and finish. I have to think of “Au Coeur de  la Dentelle Guipure 2010″ a large flowery collar that is at the entrance of the exhibition. It is a very intricate and complex piece, with lots of flowers falling into a cleavage. But on the sides, there is a flat edge, so a solid part with just a small chiseled pattern. I think that’s what allows a deeper reading. Moreover, if this piece was only in lace, it would not hold technically, or from an aesthetic point of view. We reach emotions when everything is dynamically balanced.

In my art, I like to meditate on unified opposites. This is what we learn in drawing. The object does not exist without the void. The outline of a profile is apprehended because the light touches it and one does not coexist without the other. Light fascinates me, because it defines the outlines, colors and shapes that appear when emerging from the void. And these movements express themselves very well in the lace on gold, with the particular cut that shows an eternal restart, an alternation of cycles. We can transpose this into our lives and it is because we have been confronted with shadows in our lives that we will be seeking for light. Without the shadow, most of us would not go to the light. Thus, we did not come to experience the trials alone, but rather we came to transform them, to go beyond them by shedding light on what hinders us.

One last secret is the sense of wonder, in the same way we marvel at nature. But the natural environment is weakened, devastated, destroyed by our civilization. That’s why our most compelling task today, as artisans of excellence, is to commit ourselves to its protection and awaken people’s consciences to conserve biodiversity in the world. It is a rightful giving-back and I believe it is a price worth paying if we want to transmit to our children the most precious treasure of nature because, as the poet Gibran would say, it is the one who nourishes our soul with its beauties. ”

Interview held by Carine Mouradian on June 2, 2018, in Rouen

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