Authenticity according to Sylvie Facon, an ode to femininity

Sylvie Facon

“True luxury is when you have the privilege to get a living with your passion, and to create daily, both pieces of arts, but also your job itself. We then have an immense freedom to become more and more ourselves: what we are and what we do, and both are connected. For me, textile creation is above all a personal story and a solitary pleasure. In fact, I was looking for a medium of expression like a painter looking for a canvas, and I found so much richer with the woman’s body and so much more stimulating because it is three-dimensional, with relief and different each time. My preferred manner is therefor to work with challenges to be met and succeed them all with creative solutions each time.

The path to self is both exciting and evolving, and one must also accept not to understand nor to control everything. An example when I feel it is obvious to go from one material to another without knowing why, or that one fabric gives birth to another. As I do this instinctively, I am unable to explain my style or my way of proceeding which sometimes exceeds me. And it’s very frustrating not to know how to define my signature. I see that the public is delighted without knowing why and it even surprises me even at times. I finally accepted it : my creations talk about this dream part and it’s true that, for me,  a dress has to carry a message and tell a story. That may be the point.

My goal is to make women even more beautiful than they already are. Besides, there is no stereotype of an ideal woman for me, because they are all very beautiful and different. When I make a dress for a person – in fact, around this person, her morphology and her project, it is therefore a dress that will look like her. She will not fit into a character. She will become herself. This summer, I had the joy of accompanying a client for her wedding. A complete transformation took place all along our appointments, revealing her inner beauty that she was hiding as a protection. She was so much more in harmony with herself both physically and emotionally. Her future husband, her friends and even her where so moved at the ceremony! Co-creation is therefore a question of being oneself as much as possible, and especially for this great day which seals the hope of love for a life. I’m so grateful for those who come to me with their wishes. It’s a great sign of confidence to tell a stylist about such a big project in their lives.

For dresses as paintings, it’s different. I want to create a moment apart. It is not a question of embellishing life or being in a fairy tale, but to plunge people in the poetic and fairy universe that is mine, with a luminous, very feminine and romantic atmosphere. We have a sensory experience when we contemplate the beauty of a painting; it’s the same with those curves of women in their beautiful dresses. So my job is to make things aesthetically beautiful, and I will spend hours to do that, as I have a hyper-perfectionist temperament. For themes, it’s always something that will inspire me: an object like the violin, a material like porcelain, or an atmosphere like a wheat field. The dress of straw and lace arrived as well. I had such a beautiful experience of serenity during the summer and I translated it into a dress to mark this moment of eternity, well-being and simplicity. As if I was freezing this moment to tell a story, and bring back the impression with a dress, which will not be for sale, but will be an exhibition model. So, there is less constraint and it is really a pictorial dress, that could be worn during a show and as a advertising tool.

Another point, my models are the same persons for years and we are friends now. They are ordinary women who parade gracefully and with a lovely smile, and this is such important because the one who wears the dress is as important as the rest. I just need a typical body, pretty but not dazzling, and an elegant way of moving the dress, then with a presence and aura because this is what makes a woman’s beauty. We make the shows together as true moments of sharing, joy and celebration, and the dresses travel everywhere in France after that. Last year, a selection of thirty nature-themed dresses were exhibited at the Caudry Lace Museum and this year it will be in partnership with other designers at the Calais Lace Museum.

What is magic is when the whole thing makes the experience authentic. A beautiful offering with a beautiful dress, worn by a beautiful smiling woman, and guests who let themselves go with the show. There, I’m only the painter, with dresses that tell a story. Indeed, this job is for me like taking shelter under a tree, my way out, and I can’t imagine a better anchorage!”

Interview held by Carine Mouradian on December 1, 2018

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  1. Un portrait magnifique d’une femme et artiste merveilleuse.
    Il est admirable de mettre en avant ces femmes et ces hommes d’exception qui rayonnent dans ce monde.
    Et que dire de Sylvie ?!! Elle met en valeur la femme par de magnifiques robes en matière noble, la dentelle, qu’elle utilise comme toile, tel un grand peintre. Le résultat ? Une double œuvre d’art.
    On adore.

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