Carine Mouradian

Creative, highly sensitive and intuitive, I am an expert in marketing, and throughout my career, I have designed innovative projects for clients, with large groups in travel, tourism, distribution and luxury hotels, in France and in Europe.

I love people, human relationships and to enhance the beauty of the world. And I create wow experiences to customers gathering their needs, new ideas and partnerships to build up together a stay and a travel, full of meaning and joy.

Therefore, I constantly explore and value everything that allows this construction.

This unique and memorable experience can be offered at any time. I called it “the authentic luxury” because it is so rare nowadays, a privilege even to give meaning and bring simplicity in the  innovative fields. It is also a luxury therefore because it gives back its place to the individual by leaving a logic of mass and standardized development; and because it allows you to taste the  essence and the true values ​​in connection with nature, with the creative potential of all trades and in the richness of human relationships.

My call? Create the authentic luxury

In 2017, after undertaking a global study on hospitality trends and practices in our digital world, I launched a Blog with renowned artisans to share their vision of authenticity: ceramist, landscaper, chocolate maker, jeweler, starred chef, embroiderer, dress designer. I published more than 30 background portraits by developing, thanks to their trust, a network of art, craft and flavor enthusiasts.

Today, I support you in the major changes that impact businesses, creating for you this authentic luxury, through:

  • The creation of background content: articles, portraits, photos and videos to tell your great stories and highlight with an in-depth and poetic look to who you are, your gifts and vision of life.
  • The creation of memorable and emotional experiences for your customers, tailor-made, exceeding their expectations.
  • Marketing consulting to allow you to deepen and build an offer that makes the difference and creates the preference of your customers for your brand.
  • The implementation of tailor-made training programs for employees (hotels & resorts, tourism, travel, distribution, luxury …), partners (local players in the destinations, providers) and students (hotel, luxury schools, business schools).

Feel free to contact me here. I would be very happy to accompany you on these themes.