The true luxury

My initial vision is to tell the truth about luxury, having acquired a solid expertise in this field and conducted an in-depth study on the wow effect and what allows to build a unique and memorable experience that will delight customers. I found out two certainties:

True Luxury does not glitter

Defining luxury is extremely risky because everyone perceives it differently. There are even luxuries according to each person, each situation of life, each culture and each period of time. What is rare, that is to say neither common nor current, that is luxurious. And, even if it has a certain relationship with money, luxury is not synonymous with wealth or ostentation. It helps not to be like the others, to be different. It is therefore absolute, discreet and exclusive, far from standards and norms.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci

The word luxury in its etymology comes from the Latin “luxus” which means abundance and sophistication, with a high sensitivity. It also means “lux” (light) but not “luxuria” (lust) that represents luxury in everything that is superficial and glitters on the outside.

Luxury brings something more than all its components. That's why it irradiates.
Luxury does not shine. It radiates! True luxury is what lights up, not what sparkles.

The real Luxury is in authenticity

Whether an object, an experience or a lifestyle, luxury is also defined by excellence, exceptional nature and aesthetic dimension, which refers to “beauty” as art. To bring modern luxury, the use of technology is also essential. We can say “high end products seem eternal”. But in this area, the patrimonial historical heritage has to be maintained and renewed constantly. The proper mix is both a know-how and innovative creation to offer a rare and unique experience while keeping old and current techniques.

“The world of luxury that is emerging appears as of traditional know-how, innovation and conservation of heritage. Consuming luxury is all over consuming a product, a legend or a myth, traditional know-hows and rituals.” Gilles Lipovestsky

True luxury seeks for the essence of each reality
True luxury seeks for the essence of each reality.

Authentic luxury reverts to traditional values, to the essence of a trade, of a product or a service, by updating them in the modern world. This means as a result of a dynamic creation related to its history, its environment and as an expression of oneself and of its sensitivity to enjoy and amaze the others. It is therefore above all a set of characteristics: noble materials, a history attached to a house or a destiny, traditional and exceptional know-how, an art of living, a service that enhances the customer experience and prizes innovation and tailor-made service and originality shown in a constantly renewed creation.

“But there is really no beautiful style, no beautiful drawing, no beautiful color. There is only one beauty, the beauty of truth revealing itself.” Auguste Rodin

Luxury always pushs forward the innovation, excellence and aesthetics boundaries.
Luxury always pushs forward the innovation, excellence and aesthetics boundaries.

Luxury therefore has the ability of always pushing the innovation, excellence and aesthetics boundaries further to the sources of authenticity. Its ultimate goal is to reveal, visibly and tangibly, what is pure and beautiful in the world, especially in the nature, the human relationships and all forms of art, offering us a journey into our senses with the search of meaning and essence of everything.

This is why I called this quest : the authentic luxury. Because of its scarcity and its value, far from the beaten track, and a path full of truth and life which offers a unique gaze and know-how to create a memorable experience, that reveals the beauty of the world.