Tourism destinations

“Tourist reception is a voluntary interpersonal act, in a particular setting, that introduces a foreigner into a company, a community or a destination and, as such, facilitates access to various utilities, and recreational and cultural benefits at these places.” Marc Leblanc

All over the world, destinations want to attract and retain their customers for life. The welcome is even the number one priority of the destination France during the Assises of the Tourism in 2014. The period is also clearly for a search of true relationships, authentic contacts, harmonious and “altruistic”, with the desire to share moments, emotions and experiences together and in connection with the local environment.

Destinations want to be more attractive.
Destinations want to be more attractive and bring a real added value.

The authentic luxury within the destinations provides human encounters, pure gestures, feeling the benefits of nature, tasting the simplicity of the terroir but also the excellence of products to get unique and memorable moments. It permits also to interact with the destination with a creative tourism that bring strong elements of surprise and wonder and the loveliest way to oneself.

A global and joyful experience

Technology can make life easier for customers, as long as the experience of welcoming and hospitality has a special place. The ultimate luxury, in short, is to provide the guests a “discretionary” time, that is, a time to let go of the hassle of their daily life and to be able to fully enjoy the treasures of the chosen destination, in an authentic and personal way.

Technology can serve the authentic welcoming.
Technology can serve the openess to the environment, the others and ourselves.

New businesses also emerge as local advisors in luxury hotels, tourism departments and all the companies who want to offer authentic luxury to their customers (transportation, luxury products and services and art museums). These are destination experts and modern advisers who take care of each guest in a very personal way, identifying their needs with great intuition and sensitivity, and bringing a unique know-how and a perfect relationship to co-create a successful experience. This experience is measured on all the dimensions of the interpersonal relationships of a destination: the customer and the contact personnel of the tourist industry (airport, trains, taxis and hotels); the customer with the local population and the players in the value chain (exceptional craftsmen, luxury boutiques, art galleries …); and even the client with the other tourists.

These connoisseurs of the territory will thus discover what is most unique and exceptional in a region, with a luxury that includes off the beaten track activities and non-standardized goods and services.

Excellence and innovation

“The power of a territory will increasingly be measured by the strength of the relationships it will create with its customers, its inhabitants and its businesses and its ability to foster innovation and bring its offer to excellence.” Joel Gayet

Reveal the excellence of destinations.
Reveal the excellence of destinations is the real goal of tourism.

Value creation is in the relationship, but also in innovation and excellence. It is by going to meet these enthusiasts, at the local and regional level, that we allow guests to taste the natural, historical, cultural, artisanal and gastronomic treasures of a destination, constantly renewed.

Creating Value

Authentic luxury needs to be as close as possible to the local heritage, as it brings meaning to the hosts (the one that welcomes and the one that is welcome) in their quest for identity, their search for vision and the ethical values ​​that animate them like sustainable development and citizen engagement. It also allows the development of enormous competitive advantages for the region, the site or the destination with excellence, innovation, differentiation, personalization and reactivity, at the heart of the customer experience. Unique human, technical and managerial skills are in motion when there is an international openness based on digital and new technologies that will serve a human marketing. Authentic luxury also brings a great reputation creating excellence, richness and synergies based on the knowledge and the know-how of passionate people working in a virtuous and joyful dynamic.

Value creation is in the local treasures.
Value creation is everywhere, with the openess to the local treasures.

For the territories, the economic and social benefits are huge because they ensure the sustainability and development of these exceptional trades. It is also an encouragement to develop excellence and differentiation by the human know-how and traditional craft that is updated in the creative and collaborative economy. Finally, it is to ensure the quality of life and services to the local population and a cultural influence of the region with openness to the world.

The virtuous circle of creative tourism

Creative tourism provides original local experiences with simple and true richeness. Beyond the amazement of traveling, we can learn to reproduce significant achievements and discover far more about ourselves tasting experiences in a playful, active and creative way. So that we are no longer merely witnesses but also actors and creators: for example, rather than bringing back a glassworks of Biot (Alpes Maritimes) as a souvenir, one could learn the Glassmaker with a local artisan and realize his own customized object. Today, tourists are increasingly eager to participate in such experiments that meet their desire to learn, to express themselves and to connect to the others. Holidays are therefore not only dedicated to rest, but also to personal development. In authentic luxury, these interactive experiences can be pushed either into the greatest stripping and simplicity (like preparing a traditional meal with the fishermen at sunset); or until the greatest personalization (such as discovering an exceptional craftsman and creating with him, a custom-made product: perfume, watch, glasses and jewelry). In both cases, it is the greatest way to get into the local landscape and create unique memories, while awakening one’s own talents.

A creative tourism is the key for authentic experiences.
A creative tourism is the key for authentic experiences.








“Creative tourism is a tourism that offers the opportunity to develop the creative potential of the customers, through an active participation in learning courses and experiences that are characteristic of the place they are staying in.” Raymond & Richards

Creative tourism also promotes and highlights cities and regions that have the potential to welcome guests in search of new artistic and human experiences. This will awaken, promote and enhance the creative potential of each destination; but also, give a great-value to the local heritage by recognizing for example, a unique craftsman or a traditional know-how; and share this wealth by changing the image of a region or a locality and attract constant visitors throughout the year.