Authenticity according to Vincent Breed, the artist of a link creator glass

“Authenticity is first and foremost a relation to reality. Everything exists thanks to the light, and the glass in particular, insofar as it is transparent and more or less translucent. This brings us to the question: What really exists? Since we see through it and we can even get a glass panel if we do not see it. It is the confrontation with this matter that would make it real? Is it a material without being one? Does it exist while being absent at the same time? I like this ambiguity and the glass also lends itself very well to these mirror effects. Through my sculptures and installations, I can even deliberately disrupt reality for the public to ask question. For this purpose, I just have to measure the light according to the natural curves of glass and its opacity, or to introduce an external element into the glass such as color, precious metal or impurities, to reveal it. For example, one hundredth of a millimeter of silver associated with glass, and one gets the impression to see chromium when he draws near! It is important to be aware of all this to change our view on what is real because there is often little need to do.

For the glass craft, the eye is one of the first senses and it is essential to produce genuine works. I have a trade that offers a path of perfection, and one learns every day patience and humility, which become natural if there is passion. It is necessary to have the eye in the proportions; The eye in the correctness of the temperature (because the temperature is indicated by the color of the glass); Finally, an eye and hands coordination to shape the material and giving it form. There is also the drawing because we take a look at the sketch to know where we are going. I worked very much on the symbol of the eye in my sculptures because it is also our most obvious contact with the outside. It is the link between the feeling, which is internal and purely personal, and the external, which is the link to others and to the environment. The eye can also lead us to sometimes subjective feelings as objectives. It is therefore necessary to re-learn how to analyze things rationally. What pleases me in the eyes is not at all the intrusion, and that is what I wanted to pass in the exhibition of the eyeballs at Lyon. Look ! Feel ! Your set of eyes are not those of someone else and it is a fantastic tool that allows us to live, feel, observe, analyze and we never do enough observing. One of the keys for being there is simply in our look of eyes. Looking at what is beautiful, what is good and what gives us emotions … We are in a perfectly subjective approach of life but this is where we can find joy. And only then, we can turn towards becoming outward-looking and see what we can share together.

Authentic human contacts are very important for me and I always prefer to have a direct relation with the person who will acquire the object or the artwork. For what inspires me in most projects is the tie or link between between me and the person I have in front of me; then the link between me and the material, and also the link between the object and its environment. Based of these connections, I can create a sculpture, a light fixture or a purely poetic object, or even an art installation or performance. Indeed, the ultimate privilege is in the creative bond where there is no dilution. This is the real luxury ! The result is something unique, which exists only in a single copy and was made for a given person, for a given use and for a given place. For me, the most beautiful creations where I feel that there is a true authenticity is when it is the fruit of an encounter. I also like working with architects and designers. For them, I am no longer the artist but the artisan who tries to bring technical solutions to their creations and each project becomes an amplifier of research and challenges.

We craftsmen, we are actually dream makers! Our clients come to us with their dreams and we accompany them to realize them and to materialize them from concept to object. Dream is a marvelous and an unlimited world! And it is like an unreal world to be in the workshop. We give form with our breath, create a volume with the air we expire and give birth with this force that comes from within, to a dream that can be ours or that will be shared with the one who acquires the artwork. That’s why it’s the place in the world where I feel the best. It is the ideal world where everything is built around my sensibility, where I can find myself with what I am today, with the history that is mine. It is also a place where I can put my luggage and my worries and dare to expose myself, showing me from my angle the most fragile and the most vulnerable; This is where I take off my safety and give up all my protections. In the end, authenticity is what is true, what is transparent. And to reach it, we must find back our childlike soul and leave more room for dreams in our lives! ”

Interview held by Carine Mouradian on June 11, 2017, in Brussieu (Lyon)

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