Authenticity according to Alainpers, the sculptor of time

Alainpers, the sculptor of time

“ Authenticity means knowing yourself. And I have this huge need for creation, probably linked to my childhood and the lack of aesthetic and artistic landmarks at that time. Thus, there is always a positive side in suffering. If one receives everything effortlessly, as a free ride, there is no longer the desire to push back the limits of creation with a totally disproportionate energy that comes to you and let you be everything that you are, expanding new horizons. Each artist has his own journey, but creation becomes authentic when there is this crucible often resulting from an unsatisfied lack. Today, I assume my past as a wealth and I create by nature, seeking for truth. Then the difficulties disappear every time. With each work, I say to myself: “I’m crazy to do something so complex and technical.” But when the harmony is there finally, when everything works wonderfully, then it is an explosion of happiness.

I have this impetuous need to trace my own path and have my personal signature which is infinitely more difficult than to follow existing standards. Authenticity is a choice. Either one buys a representation of Modigliani or Cartier, or one goes to the true creators, real inspired painters for example. So I have my universe in there, as pioneer creators who started like that and unfortunately have become over managed brands today.

Obviously, I am inspired by my time; Besides, I consider myself a current researcher. In my work, it is also essential to position ourselves in a continuity because there have always been researchers at all times. Recently, a historian introduced me to a collector named Nicolas Grollier de Servière (1596-1689) from Lyon. This inventor had a cabinet of curiosities to measure time, with drawings and sketches of pieces of which he had only the vision (a little like Leonardo da Vinci) without knowing if they could work with the materials and techniques of his time. Living in its time is to become aware of what united us to these people who create things and ideas and resume their work later in order to realize them. Cartier for example created watches and clocks inspired by Grollier’s models.

Authenticity is in our gaze. Just opening your eyes, you can find beauty everywhere, and moreover, the quality reveals itself in the eyes of the beholder. There are some exhibitions that give me an incredible energy and awakens such a desire to create. Associations that have nothing to do begin to emerge, like I already had these ideas buried deep inside of me. This is what we must keep to move forward, and stay positive because otherwise we will always find things less beautiful. I have this empathy and a kind of wisdom looking at our world. Running after time and dependency on technological inventions, have become a sociological problem. But all this euphoria has always existed and new inventions always impress when one is not accustomed to living with it. After a while, a decade often, it goes into habits and excesses are smoothed out. As for the radio for example at the time of the old pop stars, then television in the 1970s, then computers in the 1990s and soon phones and digital tablets will not impress us anymore. The question is always in the use we make and if it tends to enhance human contacts. Today, we just have to regulate and disconnect from time to time, for a better connection to the others.

The subject I am dealing with is so vast that I have to be neutral and say that I do not know. What is time? There are all the possible answers with two ends between the physical and the spiritual, passing by all the theories of the perceived time. We also have in ourselves our own biological clock, with a birth and an end of life one day. Then there are elderly but extremely young people in their heads, and some who are young and old at the same time. So, there are so many aspects of time … We are not even sure that it really exists and whether the present moment has already taken place or will be, in the past or the future. I believe that one can live without time; for the ideal state, and therefore the great wisdom, is not to be bound to time. But in the meantime, the right balance not to lose ground is to say that there is need to create clocks not to miss the train, or to have luminous objects to contemplate the beauty of time. I stand at that level.

I am therefore a sculptor of something that does not exist (for even the light, one does not know what it is) and I get amused with the lights. The high reliability and purity of light-emitting diodes allows me to do things rather sophisticated because I am not limited by the mechanics. I will master the aesthetics from the materials; I will be inspired by the technical possibilities like wood or synthetic materials, but also the luminous material. That is stimulates me. In short, what I like is to make living objects and get out of the frame. For example, my last piece is this combination of 4 paintings. It’s a bit extreme of what I do, but it really opens up other horizons and give us to think and to meditate. I like to arouse another way of seeing the world. And there are people who have that sensitivity. It is a great happiness for me when I touch them ! ”

Interview by Carine Mouradian, held in Paris on April 22, 2017

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