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Elise Martimort

“A marriage is first of all a love story, a new life that begins. This is why we must be authentic to allow the future bride to be herself on this significant day of her life. My wedding dress is also a love story, which will accompany her in this special day, and then beyond, when she will talk about it and share her photos throughout her life. It will then be passed on to her daughters who will try it in a few years, as a precious heritage, because it carries a powerful symbolic dimension, a guarantee of happiness of a whole family history. Yes, it’s not about selling a dress, but a story, because it’s not just a piece of garment that is going to be sewn, but a creation that has a spirit and a story to tell. I got married myself the year of my diploma and I had so much trouble finding a dress that suits me in the very commercial and non-qualitative business of wedding. We had to put an exorbitant price in a synthetic product, chosen from among catalog models, with back to back meetings, and someone that do not pay attention to your real needs. In the end, I bought a simple waistcoat from shops to avoid this parade. A wedding dress is neither a disguise nor a meringue of tulle with a strapless! It is a perfect adornment that must be wonderfully tuned to the client’s personality and morphology. The new generations today are seeking for this made-to-measure design to get sense and value in their consumption and be able to connect it with the heritage of their past.

Having studied the history of art, I like to associate Haute Couture with the story of each person, according to his family, his culture and his origins, and make an expression of itself in a dress. That’s why in our showroom, we also like to receive grandmothers. By chatting with them, we even manage to reproduce old-fashioned sewing techniques, and it’s as if, in this new dress, their granddaughter wore a part of their aura, what they were the day of their wedding. A new life with a dress that is the culmination of an old one, going back very far in time. This may guarantee a successful wedding! So I make dresses in the filial transmission, and my daily life is filled with wonderful family stories, which revive around this common creation of the dress. Suddenly, the grandmother, the aunt or the godmother offers her unprecedented contribution, because love unites people and inevitably welds them. The wedding dress could also reveal possible tensions in mother-daughter relationships, if that mother had a bad experience the day of her own marriage. We will then intercede to break this dynamic that is perpetuated from generation to generation and turn it into a blessing with words of sweetness and encouragement, for the future of her daughter. Yes, the wedding dress becomes a facilitator of relationships within a family, and all the energies that untie or renew the links will focus on it, and around this special event.

For other customers, a wedding has a more personal meaning, and they search for a different dress, light and comfortable, that look like them and brings greater freedom. If they are in pants all year long, why do they have to put on a dress that day? And in any case, they want to break the traditional codes to no longer be in representation in this unique moment of their life. At the contrary, in this special moment, they want to be true and thankful to all those who have participated in their history to do what they are. In any case, the wedding dress remains a very strong symbol and certainly the most emotionally charged garment in a woman’s life. There is a reconciliation that is being made and a sort of identification to occupy a relative status as a woman and a wife. Authenticity happens in this key moment where all that one has lived in his life finds meaning, and everything is thus unified. Marriage is a day of convergence. We do not necessarily always understand some painful or happy moments of our existence and suddenly everything is clear and linked together and we have a kind of revelation. A wedding dress is a culmination point of a past story to open a new page in our lives. That’s why it is very important to make it technically, but also emotionally the most authentic and most perfect possible.

I have a temperament that is naturally sincere and honest. And  I didn’t want to reproduce in my company, what I experienced in my past, namely the servitude of the little hands of luxury. In this business, we must give meaning by transmitting a fabulous know-how and interacting with other passionate people who work to preserve an authentic and unique craftsmanship. That’s why I take the time to listen, to understand and guide each client in this adventure. It’s like a musical score that would be written in four hands, or even six hands, because each of my seamstresses will take charge the project from beginning to end. At the workshop, we are working to reintroduce new gestures and techniques, such as embroidery art, so that this profession would be always an enrichment for everyone. In the end, this is true luxury! Beyond the dress, to live a human experience that is priceless, at a moment that usually happens only once in a lifetime. So we have a role and a real mission in our hands, so to put magic in this garment that carries the hope of love and happiness.”

Interview held by Carine Mouradian on April 11, 2018, in Bordeaux

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